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Conveniently located in the Champion Chiropractic Clinic in Rockford, Michigan, Life Spa 360 is about to change the way you view weight loss. Throw out your fad-diet books and forget liposuction; say goodbye to problem areas! We are proud to introduce LumiSlim, a non-invasive fat burning solution with a proven track record.

How does it work?

LumiSlim liposculpture is an easy and safe way to perform non-surgical fat removal. The cold lasers are passed over the area of the body from which you want the fat removed. The lasers liquefy the fat and break down the fat cells, allowing the fat to pass back into the bloodstream to be processed by the liver or used as energy. Best results are achieved with a low fat, high fiber diet and exercise following immediately after treatment. A good workout after treatment will ensure the broken down fat is used as energy and not laid down again in the body.

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Are you ready to get the body you've always dreamed of? Call Life Spa 360 to schedule an initial consultation. We will walk you through every step of the process and recommend a procedure based on your needs. Call (616) 863-1020 now!

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